Best blackjack strategies -

Blackjack is arguably the most popular card game around. It has made its way all around the world and into casinos, both on land and online. Not only does it have a reputation for high anticipation and quick thinking but also for the opportunity to win large amounts of cash. It is not just a game based on luck, with a few strategies that can help keep your bankroll growing and the fun rolling.

How to Win in Blackjack?

First off, what is the main deal behind blackjack anyway?  Players compete against the dealer trying to get and keep a better hand. The game revolves around the number 21. Players try to make the dealer go over or try to get their combination of cards as close to 21 as possible. The thing is, if players decide to hit and go over 21, they are automatically out of the game, and the dealer takes the prize.

Basic Strategy Blackjack

Best blackjack strategies - Basic Strategy Blackjack

It seems like everyone is on the hunt for how to win at blackjack. While there are a few strategies that even those newest to poker can practice, the most effective is to keep your skills sharp. Knowing a deck of cards backward and forward and working on the ability to analyze the entire table before placing bets or making decisions is a powerful tool, one that, when executed, can win players some serious cash and keep them from making detrimental mistakes. Besides this, we have a few expert-approved tips that players can start practicing today.

Look Out for Hard 11

If you have a hard 11 in hand, you’ll want to double down because your chances of scoring a better hand than the dealer are higher when you have an 11. It is a good number that keeps you away from the risk of going over.

Get Ready to Split

A top blackjack strategy that has brought a lot of players luck is to split 8’s and Aces always. For some reason, splitting, especially when the dealer has a competitive card, is avoided. The truth is, with a pair of either 8’s or Aces, you got two powerful hands at your disposal that can make the dealer sweat a bit.

Don’t Split If…

A good time not to split is when you have a pair of 5’s or 10’s. Here, it is always better to go ahead and take another card. The chances to get a good 20 are fairly high, so you can compete with the dealer very well here.

What’s the Dealer Got?

Of course, you always need to take a look at what the dealer is working with to choose the best strategy to compete against them. If you notice a 9, 10, or Ace, and you have anything from Ace to 7, hit it. You have far more chances of getting a good, solid score from 19 to 21. Also, you won’t have to worry about going over.

Run Away from Insurance

This is the type of bet made for those who are unsure of their next move. A basic blackjack strategy practiced by all the best is always to stay far away from the insurance bet, even when you have a good hand. Some casinos make it very tempting to go with the insurance bet, with some even offering to even out your money in the case of blackjack, but don’t buy into it.

Say No Way to 6 to 5

Something that is adopted by more and more casinos is a payout for 6 to 5 odds instead of 3 to 2. It might be confusing to grasp at first, but when you take the statistics into account, the house edge actually increases, turning the tables in favor of the dealer. Most casinos are transparent with odds because the majority of players passing through might not understand them, but you do now.

Consider Casino Rules

There are some casinos nowadays that make it a requirement to hit the soft 17. It can work out in your favor if you know what your next move should be. You should do one of the following:

  1. Double down on hard 11 against the dealer’s A;
  2. Double down on soft 19 against the dealer’s 6;
  3. Double down on A-7 against the dealer’s 2.

You’re on Your Way to Big Wins

Apart from the 7 strategies mentioned above, it is also always recommended to check out the blackjack strategy chart. It is outlined neatly and gives some great suggestions on what the best moves are to keep ahead of the dealer. Perhaps the best strategy of all is to keep patient, knowing that your skills improve with time. Keep it up and notice how your skills evolve.